Dreaming of blue

I had a weird dream where I went to work and my hair was blue. Couldn’t figure out how it got that way. Weird thing was no one noticed it right away. So i didnt even know until later. I kept saying, “Idk why my hair is blue. I didnt make it that way on purpose”. I was getting in trouble for the color of my hair and stressing out but had no idea how it got that way.

The link below shows meanings of colors in dreams.


In the dream there was a hint of purple in my hair.

It looked kinda like the drawing above. This purple was almost a pink. Which the article said that purple means neutrality…that a situation has been neutralized.

It also says,

The symbol for purple is metaphorically based on the mixture of blue and red which is waking life create purple when mixed. Since blue symbolizes positivity and red symbolizes negativity you get neutrality with purple.

Blue means: Either a positive or negative thing based on what shade. Light blue is good and dark blue is bad. But the blue i saw was neither. It was in the middle. Neutral. But there was way more blue then there was purple.

At work im not liking it so much. I’m at a job I hate. It sucks the life out of me everyday. It takes everything I have not to go off on someone. Tried several times to look for another one with better pay, insurance and of course better managers. Somehow, after all of that, I feel like God wants me to stay at that job I hate so much. Very frustrating. Everytime I think I see some light, something else happens and throws everything off.

Some things have been moved around. Senior employees are leaving. And Im getting a new director.

What I feel God is saying is that the good is outweighing the bad because the bad has completely been neutralized. Not 100% sure so I will still have to ponder on what is being said. But I thank you God for whatever you are doing in my life. I pray that things are positive from this day forth and that you bring me great favor.

Thank you Jesus in your name Amen!

UPDATE: I found that the other color I saw was fuschia. The colors I saw were still kinda bugging me so I felt like i should just look up color meanings in the bible and not just dreams.

Unfortunately I cant find the exact link to site. I googled ‘biblical meaning color fuchsia’ and the best link was a PDF. Pictures pasted below. I can tell you its somewhere on worshipwarriors.net (:

Anywho, so fuschia & blue… the meanings that stuck out to me for fuschia are communion and for blue, water of the word & authority. Perhaps this is prophetic? See blog titled ‘Water’ to see the rest.

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