A few simple things to help you build Faith

How to build faith: (no particular order) Just somethings that have helped me. 🙃

1. Watch what you watch, listen to & speak.
– Get rid of secular music
– Be more intune with what tv/movies you watch…And how much.
– Dont gossip.
– Keep things that are uplifting.

2. Healthy life style.
– Certain foods kill energy like sugar, processed foods, and gluten. Cut down the amount of consumption.
– Be active. And make healthy choices.

3. Battling depression and anxiety.
– Do things that you fear.
– Get out of your comfort zone.
– Go make friends.

4. Remove the negativity.
– Dont let those people into your inner circle that serve no purpose.
– Have intentional relationships.
– Remove the bad apples.
– Block or unfollow on social media any person or entity that has a negative spirit. Including family, “friends”, social media pages, celebrities, etc.

5. Fill yourself with Holy things [daily].
– Read scripture.
– Sing/worship.
– Listen to sermons.
– Read books by wise authors. Never stop learning!
– Pray, pray, pray! Never stop!
– Trust God that when things get tough He is always there. 💖Give it to God💖
– Build your relationship with the Lord.
– Obedience. If God said it you MUST obey. Blessing is on the other side.

*** Remember ***
Dont be so hard on yourself! Take baby steps. One foot forward is still in the right direction!How to build faith: (no particular order) Just somethings that have helped me. 🙃

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