The Christian Relationship with Jesus

There are different relationship levels as a Christian.

Think of a guy and a girl, for instance, as this will make the analogy flow better.

First they are acquaintances, then friends, dating, engaged, and then married.

Well, being a Christian is very similar. It’s about having a relationship with Jesus verses religion. Just like a relationship between the guy and girl there are different levels to our relationship with Jesus. Not to say that any is less important but to help others understand where they might be in their walk.

Just like the relationship of the guy and girl it starts off with being an acquaintance. The person that knows God but doesn’t really want God in their life. Then we move to friends; those that get saved and hang out with Jesus but not all the time. Then dating; those that spend time with Jesus and getting to know Him. Next is engaged. Those that actively seek Him daily. The relationship is engaging. And lastly, marriage. Those that have a deep intimate relationship with Him.

No level is insignificant. But we should desire a deeper relationship with the Lord. We grow. We learn. Where we are at only gets stronger when we commit to persuing a deeper relationship with Jesus. And getting to know the Lord is the best part!

Lord, I thank you for this revelation to help others have a deeper relationship with you. Thank you that our understanding of you grows daily. Help us in our walk. And thank you new blessings everyday. In your name Jesus, Amen.

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