You are valued more than Gold!

Ladies (and gents),

I want to express how beloved you are and explain to you that it is ok to have standards by letting me tell you about my recent dating experience.

Dating is hard no matter in which fashion. I think it is epsecially hard in the Christian world. All my friends say that it’s easy to find someone. “You just gotta get out there”; they say.

Yeah, it’s easy to meet people. But finding someone to connect with and that lasting more than two weeks is not. I usually find guys that are too holy or too broken to be in a relationship. It’s hard to find someone that is evenly yoked.

I haven’t dated in a while. I have been predominantly focused on being in the presence of God. That is where I want to be. But I do have an open dating account.

I used to strike up conversations with everyone that sent me a message. You never know who you will connect with. But over the years I have gotten way more picky. It’s not that I think I am better in any way shape or form. I just know what I am looking for and first impressions are important.

I haven’t been checking my dating profile but someone sent me a message and it caught my attention. It was really thought out so I went to this person’s profile. It caught my attention even more. So I messaged the guy back. I told him that I had to be honest; I wasn’t looking for a relationship at the moment but didn’t mind getting to know someone as a friend. And I let him know that my main focus is God. He accepted that. So far so good but a few days into getting to know this person it had taken a turn.

He starts asking me for full body pictures. Not naked pictures, just a picture from head to toe. Still…that’s one of my pet peeves. Because that tells me he looks at appearances over what is in the heart. It tells me he would rather have someone based on what they look like rather then actually getting to know me. RED FLAG, ALERT, ALERT, ALERT!!!

I made up an excuse. It was late, so I told him (the truth). I was in my jammies but he could look through pictures on my facebook. It’s public anyways. We changed the subject and I thought that was it. We talked about a plethora of things ranging from our walk with God to the things we do in our free time. It was nice.

Well, that was Friday. And then Sunday rolls around. A holy day. A day to go to church and be in God’s presence. I received another message asking for a full body picture. Then he sends me a picture of himself…standing next to a chick…I was sweet and cordial. I sent him a message stating that the picture was really nice but I look at the heart not someone’s looks.

He got really offended telling me that I have issues with my looks and that he paid money to talk to me (the dating profile site has a membership fee). I sent a message back telling him good bye and that I wasn’t going to be bullied or treated like an object. He called me a feminist. Hahaha!!!!!!! Ok dude….

And I could go on because he kept sending me messages. I laughed. Hysterically. What? Should I be mad at this? Probably so. But I have so much joy in Jesus that it doesn’t even bother me. Everything he said was a lie from the devil trying to kick me down or make me feel bad for having a standard and self respect for myself.

Sad to say things like this experience has happened more than once. Which is why I stopped dating for a while. I know God has someone out there for me. And this story is not to make you or anyone else feel sorry for me.

The point is to encourage others that you are worth more than that person who didn’t see your value. You are worth more than diamonds. You are valued more than gold. You are valued by the most high God! Don’t let anyone with “heart issues” tell you that you are not good enough.

Not your friends. Not your family. And definitely not someone you are dating. This is what we call a toxic person. Get rid of those types of people in your life. It’s not always easy but if they can’t respect you and your boundaries then they should not have access to your life.

God is sending you the person you are meant to be with. But it’s in His timing.

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