Two can play at this game :3

I absolutely love my baby cat Oreo. But sometimes she is worse than a two year old. I put up with her and she puts up with me. We annoy each other equally.

I try to keep her on my left side. While sleeping otherwise she does this thing where she walks back and forth…on my pillow…while I am asleep.

Sometimes she will jump from one side of my head to the other. She can’t stand it that she isnt on the other side of me.

But that’s only because momma said no. So recently she has been wanting to sleep right above my head. But she ends up walking on my hair or making me sleep with my head all crooked.

I keep moving her only to wake up with her right above me. So what do I do? Make her as uncomfortable in that spot as I can. Pretending to be alseep and landing my arms in that spot.

Oh, but it gets better. What does she do? Lands her tail on my face. And flicts it a few times. This little turd. Two can play at this game. I kick up the moving of the arms a bit. Pretending to get comfy. She acts like it’s bothering her and gets up. But then she comes back…She sat on my face for revenge. Oh this cat! She’s definitely mine.

But I wouldn’t have it any other way. She got her revenge and that satisfied her. Now she’s back to my side all cuddly. And fast sleep.

Tomorrow we will probably battle this out again. But for now Good Night.


#Cat #bedtime #Catscpades #paws

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