Not every moment of being a Christian is glorious. We are all human. We all go through trials. We all sin and make mistakes.

But I want to tell you about an encounter I had about 5 years ago or so with an angel.

I have been a Christian all my life but at this point in time, I was newly following the Lord. I felt like my life was out of control. I was in a really bad relationship and consistantly asking God for guidance on whether or not I should break up with this person.

God confirmed what I already knew. Not only did He confirm but He lifted me up at the same time. My boyfriend at the time became really distant. And he always put me down. Instead of spending time with me or going on date nights he started partying. I would cry myself to sleep thinking that I wasn’t loved.

But God showed me His love in a big way. I remember, I had just become a youth leader. We had a girls sleep over and made frames with scriptures to remind ourselves what God thinks of us. That we are DAUGHTERS OF A KING. (The picture frame is pictured above)

It was and still is a great reminder. A few nights later, I was praying for guidance about doubts in the relationship but I had much despair in my heart when I was praying. Like a groaning of the soul. My heart prayed louder then my actual voice. At that time, I was saved but I was still very lost.

I had placed the picture on my night stand which was on the right side of me. When I awoke the next morning it was laying (neatly placed) flat on my pillow on the other side of me. It was on my left side!!!!!!!

I did not just knock that down. God wanted to show me that He was (and still is) with me. He made sure to put it neatly on the opposite side.

I want to prophesy to you right now that whatever you are going through, you will make it through. God is with you. God knows your heart. He knows what you are going through. He sends the Holy Spirit to guide and teach you. He sends angels to comfort you. Your despair will not last long. His love for you is everlasting.

Hold your head up high. Stay seeking God and watch Him move.

Lord, thank you for your everlasting love. Thank you for sending the Holy Spirit to minister to us and for sending angels to comfort those in need. In Jesus name Amen!

#angels #daughterofaking #prophesy #heart

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