Oogie Boogie

I had the weirdest dream in a long while. I was at a party seemed to be at my house but it was an unfamiliar house. And I was trying to avoid someone. Like I didn’t want to talk to them for something they did. So I walked outside and all of a sudden this wind brings in a tornado. It looked bad. But I started praying and I knew God would stop it. I lifted my hands in praise.And the tornado stopped right in front of my house. And it dropped a tree. And not a small tree either. It dropped a big one. Then randomly Oogie Boogie from the nightmare before Christmas showed up and he was trying to make deals with me but I wouldn’t take them. I went back in the house and talked to the person I was avoiding and everything seemed to be fine after that.

The tornado is the chaos and confusion surrounding us. The fallen tree means our faith is being attacked. (Matt 17:20) Faith that grew strong and rooted is now is on the ground rooted up. Oogie Boogie is a representation of the devil and his tricks. Oogie is shown to be a talented performer and a fondness for glamour and theatrics. Oogie is a trickster that loves to gamble and cheat. And he uses his abilities to bring fear. Oogie Boogie rolls dice and often gets a pair of snake eyes. He loses all his bets. He rarely leaves his fortress, preferring to send his henchmen (The devil and his demons). With that being said Oogie is only as good as his tricks and luck in gambling. And so is the devil. The fear and confusing being brought up is only a distraction. The devil might have a good poker face but he doesn’t have a good hand. We have to stand on our faith and realise that what we have in our hand is much greater. In the dream when I walked back into the house and talked to the person I was avoiding everything was fine.
When we walk back into God’s house and talk to Him, He will assure us that the hand we have been given is much greater then that of the devil. His poker face doesn’t stand a chance.

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