The Spirit of Manipulation

I’m writing this because I want your ears and eyes to be #open. I know you’ve probably seen it before and maybe you didn’t recognize it. But it’s there. And it never left. It’s that person that you’ve caught lying.

I’m not taking about the “little white lie”. And I’m not talking about a fib where the person is caught between telling you look good in those jeans or seriously ruining your day. It’s multiple lies. With deep #manipulation. It’s the people that you care about the most. The one’s that you think would never do that. The one’s that if they were a car salesman you’d buy the most expensive car on the lot because convinced you that you needed it.

Everyone around you tells you what they see because they love and care for you. They want you to know the truth. But that person wiggles their way through the lies so much that now you question what’s #truth. And you question who is really on your side.

Their lies keep adding. Their stories get more elaborate. And they have an “excuse” for everything. No one can prove them otherwise so you take their word as truth. After all, what they say seems pretty #legit.

The lies become much more chaotic. But your heart of #gold still cares for them. You want nothing more than to believe in them. That “it’s just a bad break”. You stick with them cheering them on be because everyone else is against them in some shape, form or fashion.

Eventually, their lies catch up to them and it actually gets the liar into trouble. Sometimes it’s with the law, sometimes it’s in a marriage, and sometimes it’s a student or child.

You are now seeing the result of their lies but your heart still feels for them. Especially after what seems like a turn around.

That lie that got them into trouble has put them on a short-term straight and narrow path. Now for every situation there’s a different type of straight path. But the #consequences are almost always less privileges and stricter rules.

Let me tell you…even with the straight and narrow path, that spirit NEVER left!

That path just makes things lay dormant. But it never went away. By now you should have seen glimpses of that spirit poking it’s head out. It’s just waiting for the freedom to cause more lies and #chaos.

If left dormant for long enough the spirit does get restless. It can’t stand conformity. It needs chaos so it blacklashes and unfortunately it causes havoc on the person it’s attached itself to. Often times you will see this in nose bleeds, fainting spells, and seizures. (You can find reference to this in Mark 9:17-18).

But the second it has #freedom and eyes are off of them their best behaviour goes out the window. Just because you don’t see it and you can’t prove anything does not mean that spirit is gone. Again hun, it’s just #dormant.

Don’t fret too much. It’s not the person that you should be angry at. The spirit that controls them has them on a short leash. And when that freedom opens up (and it will open up) it’ll have the person that it’s attached itself to doing all sorts of things to wreck havoc.

Have you ever asked that person, “Why do you do these things? Why do you lie? Why do you <fill in the blank>? And their answer is usually, “I don’t know”.

It’s because they don’t actually know what makes them do what they do. All they know is that in the moment it was the thing to do.

You are making yourself crazy thinking you need to discpline the person when really you need to discpline the spirit behind the person.

I know your #emotions are on a winding rollercoaster right now but take a deep breath. Not everyone sees this behavior right off the bat. It’s because of your care for this person that makes it difficult to #expose the truth.

Your heart wants to see the best and it should but before you can do that it’s important to spot the red flags and really get down to the root. Make prayer, fasting, worship and observation your routine and God will show you if this person you love so dearly has an unclean spirit.