God is your Vindicator!!!

A.K.A I got stopped by a cop so I want to tell you about it.

God was speaking to me so heavy this morning or rather so “heavenly”.

I ventured out early like I do most Saturday mornings. Nothing out of the ordinary. It was still dark out. I was headed to the grocery store to pick up a few things before heading to the park to walk on the trail. That is my normal routine on Saturday.

However today, there was this brighter than bright moon out. I was so captivated by this beautiful moon out. I kept looking at it while sitting a stop lights. I kept telling God it was so beautiful and how I admired His creation.

I thought to myself, “I’d love to take a picture of it when I get stopped”.

Not a moment later the red and blue lights start flashing behind me right as I was turning into the Walmart parking lot. I immediately stopped, rolled down my window and handed the police officer my driver’s license.

She tells me she stopped me because I forgot to use my blinker. I said, “Oh, I’m sorry”. Not really knowing how to respond. My caffeine hadn’t kicked in yet.

She comes back and says, “Here is your driver’s license back and I’m not going to write you a ticket. I’m just going to give you this warning card that we have to handout when issuing a warning. And be sure to use your blinker”.

Not going to lie, I was really flustered after that. I tried to stay very polite and respectful though. She was just doing her job and making sure I wasn’t someone causing trouble.

As I got up closer to the Walmart parking area my sole goal was to park and go in, get my stuff and leave that area as fast as I could. I had totally forgotten about taking a picture of the beautiful creation in the sky. By the time I had gotten out of the store, daylight was breaking.

On my drive to the park God kept replaying those specific words over and over. “I’m giving you a warning. I’m giving you a warning”.

I kept thinking, “Ok Lord, I know you are trying to tell me something here. I just don’t know what? Do I need to stop and look at something in my life? Is this just a smoke screen tactic from the devil”?

I mean question after question kept popping up. Finally I just said, “Lord I need your understanding on this. What are you trying to say”?

At this point I had already started walking the beautiful park trail. And I was coming up to an area where the sun was shining so brightly. Again, God was highlighting a beautiful bright shining creation He made.

Then at that point I remembered I had forgotten to take a picture of the moon. And God said, “Take a picture of the sun instead”. So I did.

Picture #3

Picture #2


I took the pictures and go to my gallery to view them. And on my gallery the pictures are listed backwards showing the most recent pictures taken. I viewed picture #3 and #2 before seeing #1.

I did not see the extra orbs on #3 and #2. However, when I got to the first picture I saw it.

I flipped back to the other two pictures and suddenly the orb was on those as well. I said, “Lord, what’s up with these orbs on my pictures”? It was also interesting that the orb was in different spots on each picture.

Some people might say that was an angel. So God starts talking to me about how He goes before us. How He sets a path. And I was walkingon a path. He also highlighted that the moon may shine bright but the sun (a.k.a. the Son) shines brighter. Cause that is how my A.D.D. brain works.

Then He reminds of some things that I have been experiencing in my own life that kinda connects everything He was saying to me.

I work for a big electronics company in the credit department. This company has out grown the building that we are currently in. They are building a new building close by. With that being said we are at our max on employees. They can’t hire anyone they don’t have an open spot for because there just isn’t enough room.

They could hire way more people but with no space for them it just wouldn’t work. So who’s left to take on extra work? That’s right, the existing employees.

Unfortunately there are many employees that act like they do more work than others yet they are constantly asking for other people to pitch in. Several people are wondering what those people do when managers aren’t looking and why the other good employees are having to pitch in with someone else’s work on top of their own.

I’m one of those people that always get sucked in to helping. And not only do I finish their stuff but I finish my own with pretty good records. And I’m not saying that to gloat about me.

I’m setting the stage of what it’s been like as of recent. Not only that but I’ve also had several people talking bad about me. For no other reason then to cause drama. Even supervisors and managers are partaking in this. I’ve had both supervisors and managers nit pick everything I do.

I kept asking why that keeps happening.  Especially since this is the company that sent me on an all expenses paid cruise for being a top performer in the company just last year. I try my best to do things with excellence. I am by no means perfect. But I am a very hard worker. “So God, tell me why”?

He told me that the God in me, the God behind, the God that is beside me and the God that goes before me has ruffled up their demons.

They don’t get why as much as they have tried to bring me down that I have stood higher.

The devil has used every tactic he knows of. God has protected me from it all. The bigger stuff the devil brought didn’t work. So maybe if he brings in smaller things a little at a time then I won’t notice what he’s actually trying to do.

Let me tell you it’s all smoke screen and illusions. He wants you to be distracted by all the chaos so you can’t focus on the blessing that’s coming.

I kept walking on the trail and came to another part of the path where the sun was shining again. And this was probably about 2 miles down from my first picture.

God said to take some more pictures. So I did. 

I looked at these and noticed one didn’t have the orb. So I asked God if there was some photography method that explains the orbs. He said to Google it.
So I did.

I found this definition on Wikipedia when I googled it. Not the best source of info but I really like what it says. And how it just really depicts what God is saying.

In photography, backscatter (also called near-camera reflection) is an optical phenomenon resulting in typically circular artifacts on an image, due to the camera’s flash being reflected from unfocused motes of dust, water droplets, or other particles in the air or water.

Caused by the backscatter of light by unfocused particles, these artifacts are also sometimes called orbs, referring to a common paranormal claim. Some appear with trails, suggesting motion”.

Did you catch some of those key words?

The devil is on his back, scratching his head trying of think of ways to trip you up. The devil is trying to get you unfocused. Throwing dust in the air. Those scatter tactics don’t work when you’re a child of God.

That doesn’t mean he won’t try.
The Bible says this in Isaiah 54:17 (NKJV):

No weapon formed against you shall prosper,

And every tongue which rises against you in judgment

You shall condemn.
This is the heritage of the servants of the Lord,

And their righteousness is from Me,”
Says the Lord.
The weapons still form but they won’t prosper”.

I just want to highlight something ever so small that I said earlier. We are not perfect people. Being perfect is so over rated anyways. And I have felt at my work that many people there can’t find things wrong with my work ethic so the devil puts tiny seeds in the people around me to nit pick the smallest of things. Not that I don’t have a ton of work on my lap. Not that I’m doing the work of like three people. Not that I’m doing my work, helping others with theirs, taking care of my co-workers and customers.

Those things don’t matter to demons. They want to highlight the note you forgot to add to an account because you got three phone calls back to back while other people were logged off the phones for no reason.

And that cop sure did nit pick the turn signal. Even though that’s not ticket worthy.

We are even seeing this today with the impeachment of the President.

So let me start this next part off by saying, “I don’t care who you voted for or will vote for. I don’t care what your political party is. I don’t care if you love Trump or hate him. Like it or not, God chose Trump to run this country”. And I want to follow a leader that follows God. Is he perfect? No. Does he care for people. I do believe so. That’s not what the media wants you to believe. But he has done many good things for the American people. It doesn’t matter to me what your political stance is but I do have to add this to this article because of what God was speaking to me.

Trump was acquitted from that impeachment process just a few days ago. 

I really feel like there’s a message from God to all of us, not just myself. In the midst of chaos. In the midst of accusations, back stabbing, and curses on your name; God was setting the stage.

I feel the warning that I was getting this morning was that God knows how crazy people are acting. He knows how they are acting against your name against your character and against His name.

But He said, “All this time I’ve had your back”!

The devil wanted us all to feel like our backs were against the wall. That there was no way out. And let me tell you he did a good job of it too. But God did a better job!

Things were lining up. With every move the devil made God was sitting on His throne laughing His butt off. He knew exactly how things would play out. He knew exactly how the devil would move. And that’s how you win a war. Make your opponent think they are winning by giving them a few victories in battle. But God knew how to turn it around.

Sometimes God has to shake things up to sift out all the clumps. He’s removing those out of position that don’t serve His purpose in that area. 

That’s not to say that evil doesn’t have a purpose. It does otherwise, God can at any point, wipe out the evil. The darker it is the brighter God’s people shine.

So if you’re like me, wondering why things are happening then I am glad to have written this article.

God is doing some amazing things. It took me a while to see it. And that doesn’t mean that I won’t have moments where I forget. But God is making you shine brighter with all the chaos. His hand is moving.

And your name is being wiped clean. What could have taken you out only made you stronger. God is setting you up for your next big miracle.

I just keep hearing in my spirit, “God is my vindicator. God is my vindicator”. It’s chanting over and over that God is your vindicator!!!

Stay the course. And trust in Him.