New Update to the System.

I had a dream last night. And in the dream I went back to work for a gas station I previously worked at.

I thought it would be easy since I’ve worked there before. But when I got there they had just done an update to their system the night before and didn’t tell anyone they were doing it.

So I get there for my first day. And the supervisor on duty went to go “check” on something and since I had worked there before, she left me by myself. None of the buttons were working on the system.

A lady came in with hot dogs and a drink. It should have been a simple transaction but nothing worked. As I’m helping her I apologise and explain everything to her. She was super nice. I explained that the system is reading the prompts but for some reason it’s not going through and I thanked her for her patience.

Then a guy came in and wanted gas. He said, “$80 on #2 please”. And then proceeded to pay with what he said was money. But it was clearly not. The only way I can describe it is it looked like poop made into a cookie. Confused I repeated his request back to him. He goes, “oh wait, I’ve got two cents. Please add that”. And digs in his pocket for a smaller poop cookie. He hands it to me and leaves. I try to go back to the first lady because she hasn’t been helped yet. The system still wasn’t working like it should have or did previously.

Then the phone rings so I call the supervisor over through the intercom so I can get the phone and the first lady could be helped. The supervisor just kinda stands there after I answer the phone. The person calling, all she wanted was to check her lotto over the phone. Lotto is a completely different machine and different system. So I thought it would be easy. But that system too was not working either. I looked to the supervisor and her response was, ” What do you want me to about it”?
She said she was not trained on this new way of doing things and so there was nothing she could do. She acted like she didn’t want to help at all and was making up excuses on why she couldn’t.

I apologized to the lady on the phone. She was super nice as well. I told her our machine was down and to maybe try another store. I went over to the lady with the hot dogs and drink and apologized to her again. I told her, “Sorry for the wait. For the inconvenience please have the hot dog and drink on us today”.

Then the guy that wanted gas comes in and said his pump was not working. The pump had not been turned on yet since I didn’t know what to do with the poop cookie money he gave me. Plus nothing else was working.
Again I tried to get the supervisor to help or say something but she walked off acting like it wasn’t her problem. I told the guy I needed to call the corporate office to see what was going on. Nothing seemed to be working.
The person I was talking to said yes there was an auto update to the system but there shouldn’t be as many problems as we were having and to figure it out.

I told them about the supervisor that didn’t want to help. And they said the supervisor had every right to act the way she did. It shouldn’t be her problem to fix. I told her this was my first day back in years since working here. And they replied, “Welcome back”. And hung up.

Frustrated, and not knowing what to do I said, ” I can’t do this anymore. If no one is going to help me then I can’t work here anymore”. I quit my job and left.

It was a weird dream but when I woke up I felt like God was saying Something very strong.

And here is His message: ” I know you want to quit. But that’s the wrong response. These people are all working on the old systems. But those old systems never worked to begin with. I’m doing a new thing. I updated the system. No one gave me permission. I didn’t need it anyways. But the old ways needed an upgrade. Yes, you will see a bit of frustration. And you will continue to see these people working off the old systems. But understand it’s because I need you to teach them how to work the new system. They need someone that has been there before to look at the issues and address how to move forward. This new system is what you’ve been training and preparing for. The old ways did nothing for the people. It lacked the correct leadership all the way to the top! It lacked laborers. It lacked connection. It lacked service and care to the people coming in.

It was a means to get us from point A to point B. But understand it never worked. So when I sent the update to the world I didn’t tell anyone. I see you here frustrated because the old system doesn’t work like it used to and that’s on purpose. Let Me help you know how to work this new update. The people that stood by and watched you work will be the ones asking you how to work the new system”.

This is extremely powerful and I think it’s a message to the church. The gas station is representation of the church. The supervisor and corporate person are leaders in the church. And the customers are the people coming into the church. Members of the church or potential members.

The lady with the hot dog and drink… all she wanted was to be fed. She waited and waited until she got what she needed and left.

The guy getting gas, paid for the gas…so he thought. But with what? A poop cookie? I kinda think God was saying, “That’s what your tithes look to me right now. It’s like what your giving to the church is a pile of poop”. In other words a burnt offering. You give because that’s your duty. Not because you have a heart of giving. Also when he reached in to give his two cents that had nothing to do with money. That’s a representation of the church giving THEIR “two cents”. Christians always seem to have to put their words in. Or add in their opinion. And God just wants us to listen before responding.

The lotto lady was calling with a question. Since the church didn’t know anything but the old system they had to advise her to check some place else.

What are we doing church? Trust God to help you through this new system. The people that stood by and watched you work will be the ones asking you how to work the new system. You may want to quit but God needs to to train and equip because there’s a new way of doing things.