I couldn’t believe the words that came out of a leaders mouth!

Have you ever had a leader say something that didn’t resonate with your spirit? Well that’s what happened to me recently.

But to understand fully I have to give some background to why it didn’t resonate.

The person that this was coming from was previously a leader in my church. They had left quietly due to disagreement with the pastors.

I was saddened to hear that they had left and paid little attention to the reason why as I understood that there will be disagreements. And I respected their decision to leave especially since it wasn’t made public.

And I still respect them as a person. But what was said I haven’t been able to get it out of my brain since I heard it. I was shocked.

This person said, “I know the pastors listen to a lot of prophets but it just seems like they were all wrong. They all prophcied one thing and they all got it wrong. I should be listening to the word of God myself instead of these so called prophets”.

While this person does have some truth to what they said I want to dig deep into what they were saying.

The first part was a slight on our pastors. I have a personal relationship with them and have for nearly ten years. I know they listen and read the word of God. I have absolutely no doubts on their walk with God. And I know what God speaks to me is often confirmed through our pastors in sermons at church later.

The second is that this person seems to have no faith on words that have yet to happen. We know in part and prophcy in part (1 Corinthians 13:9). But it is all in Gods timing. Just because a word has been spoken doesn’t happen right away doesn’t mean that it won’t happen later. God has a reason for doing things this way. Just trust Him.

And the third thing is that they used the word “instead”. They said they should be listening to the word of God instead of prophets. This suggests that they were saying they weren’t reading the word of God before hand.

Now I want to be clear. This isn’t an article to throw shade at the person that spoke these words. I still love and respect this person. But I was shocked that they were speaking such doom and gloom instead of life.

If they are not spending even 15 mintues with God and how can they know what God is saying?

I love and I pray for this person and that God will help them get back on track.

I will say it is really upsetting considering the position they had in the church before leaving.

But you must understand something here about prophets. Prophets have always been here. God uses their voice to bring heaven to earth. Matthew 6:10-11.

True prophets know what God is speaking regardless. And what I mean by that is that they are so grounded in God that it is almost impossible to convince them of something else.

Are there true prophets that have lost their grounding? Absolutely. Just as God gave me discernment about the person that spoke these words there are prophets that have slipped away from God.

But more importantly God is shaking loose the false prophets and shifting them to be exposed. No longer will God tolerate the pimps in pulpit. Those that were in ministry for show will not make it in this next season.

In this moment God is testing and refining the backslidders. He is redeeming the ones that come back close and want to be redeemed.

In the next move of God; true prophets, worshipers and friends of God are going to move to the front to help sheppard and lead the incoming flock.

Revival is breaking forth and a harvest is ready for people to come into the kingdom.