I get it. You feel like an outcast. You don’t fit the mold. You want more than anything to have close relationships with people. And you will with a few select individuals.

You are having a hard time with being distant. The cliques just don’t make sense for you. You try to be friendly. But it seems like it just makes it worse. You feel left out. And not included.

Let me tell you. Your people are your people. They will support you. Even if they think your decisions don’t make sense. Following God is not always easy. But following His peace is where you will find rest.

Your distance from people is necessary. God is calling you to a higher level where others either can’t go. Or aren’t ready for. The cave and the valley are prepartion for your calling.

Your distance from the crowd is because God needs to keep your emotions in check. When we have close relationships we are septible to putting our feelings and our will on the ones closest to us. And that causes rifts. That’s causes breaks in relationships. When God is moving us in different directions then we had thought we tend to try to control stuff.
Do not lay your hurts on others. Distance heals the heart.

You will have what your heart desires but in God’s timing. Heal that heart Hun. Break those generational curses. Break those bondages off of you and your family line.

Maybe you are called to bring people together or bring healing to others. But to do that your emotions have to be far enough from other individuals so that you aren’t putting your will on them.

When you are too close to a situation your sight gets clouded. Your hurts and emotions (flesh) start taking over and it feels impossible to remedy a situation. And if you were friends with every single individual you would not be able to look at a situation unbiasedly.

Yes, you don’t fit the mold. But that’s how God made you. Take that distance as a compliment and rise above the devil’s attacks/lies.

Sometimes all you need is understanding to help carry you through. And I hope this helps those struggling.

Give your battles to God and watch Him move those mountains! ♥️

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