The devil hates the sound of glory. And is doing everything possible to at least distort it, if not then, take it out completely.

The are countless examples such as, facebook lives. I was watching one on Tuesday that had a prophetic worshipper. Her sound singing praises to God was beautiful but it was distorted. Many people couldn’t hear the beautiful sound she was singing. Last night there was another facebook live with a different group. They were having trouble getting a guest to come on and she just happened to be a psalmist.

This morning I turned to my favorite radio station and it cuts out in the middle of a song. The sound was distorted. I changed to two different stations hoping to sing praises on my way to work. They were both on commercials and when I turned back to the first station it too was on commercials. My phone has absolutely nothing wrong with it except the sound. It’s distorted and cuts out making everything sound robotic.

I have been hearing a lot about a key in this season is to worship. We even had a sermon about the Holy Spirit and how it ties to worship this past Sunday at my church. And I think it’s clear why…THE DEVIL HATES THE SOUND!!!

Keep singing. Keep praising. Keep worshipping! The devil is up to something but that’s only because God is up to something bigger!!!

#sing #praise #worship #glory #sound
#holyspirit #Godsplan #Jesus

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