Don’t let their fears become your reality.

On Saturdays I usually go #exercising by walking a park trail. I love decompressing on Saturdays. It gets me out of my busy schedule. And in an environment where I can download (hear) from #heaven.

The devil tried to trip me up by having a friend of mine be extremely insistent about taking mace with me. You hear stories all the time about someone getting attacked while #walking or #jogging.

I make it a point to not go (or wait) if there isn’t enough light outside. Because let’s be smart here. No one should be walking in a park in the dark.

So I get their logic. But to carry a mace can for four miles seems a little counter productive. I bring my keys, my phone and my headphones and that’s really about all that a person can carry without a bag.

God was speaking to me through this instance about fear. See the devil used that person’s #fear to try and get me to be afraid. I felt like the Holy Spirit was saying that if you give into their fears, even just to appease them, then you are putting trust in the can of mace over the Lord my God who walks with me.

I mean think about it. These days you can’t even walk outside of your own house or sleep in your own bed without saying a praying of protection. What’s a can of #mace going to do that God can’t?

The Lord kept saying that person is bringing up ‘their’ fears because ‘their’ faith in Him is so little. Just because it’s their fears does not mean it has to be mine.

And truth be told this person doesn’t want to do anything about their fears. If you are so afraid for me then either pray that I be protected or go with me as I #exercise.

But instead their fears are being pushed on me and I will not succumb to being fearful. My God #protects me. He, Himself walks with me. If there’s a shady #character around I know He has angels disguised as people walking the trail with me.

The most #powerful weapon I have is not in a can. But already equiped with me before I was born. My mouth sings praises and my prayers keep evil away.

After the Holy Spirit spoke to me about their fears He had me rebuke their words. Words are powerful. Even a non-believer can speak a negative #prophecy over you. Don’t let their fears become your reality.

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